AIGA Awards

AIGA is dedicated to demonstrating the value of design. Founded in 1914, the national organization, its members, and its chapters in cities across the United States, recognize those who have made a significant impact to the field of design and are giving back to the community through their work.

The call for nominations is open and nominations are accepted year round!

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Recognizing Excellence in Design and Designers For More Than A Century

Nominations for the AIGA Medal, AIGA Corporate Leadership Award, and the Steven Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary are accepted year round.



Through national and regional peer nominations, AIGA honors design leaders, forward-thinking companies, and those who have inspired engaging commentary about design and culture. Each year, committees and panels assemble to review nominations and identify individuals and companies doing excellent work now.

National Awards

    AIGA Medal

    The medal of AIGA—the most distinguished honor in the profession of communication design—has been awarded since 1920 to individuals in recognition of their exceptional achievements to the advancement of the field of design as respected craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. Medals have been awarded to individuals who have set standards of excellence over a lifetime of work or have made individual contributions to innovation within the practice of design.

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    AIGA Corporate Leadership Award

    Established in 1980, the AIGA Corporate Leadership Award recognizes the role of perceptive and forward-thinking organizations that have been instrumental in the advancement of design by applying the highest standards as a matter of practice and policy.

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    Steven Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary

    Established in 2017, the annual Steven Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary spotlights a individuals who best exemplifies the tradition of prolific writing and boundless curiosity established by Steven Heller—who has contributed and inspired engaging commentary about design and culture for the past three decades. This award celebrates critical thinking about design and the profession, and encourages development in the next generation of design voices through a variety of media (book authors, editors, critics, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, podcasters, radio/video content creators, or filmmakers).

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    Nominations Open
    Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and are considered year after year for the next awards cycle.


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