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Change can be overwhelming. After job changes, job loss, and adjusting to new circumstances, we're here to help you navigate the way forward in work, school, marketplace, community and beyond.

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Back to Work: Virtual, Hybrid, & In-Office

This Stanford-designed system will help you navigate the workplace after COVID-19

From FastCompany–Creating rituals and practices will keep employees engaged and happy no matter where they’re working from.

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Why Presenteeism Wins Out Over Productivity

If the pandemic has taught us anything about work, it's that we don't need to be pulling long hours in an office to be productive. So, why is presenteeism still so important?

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There Is Value In Membership

加入今天通过本地访问网络chapter and a wide variety of local and national programs and events.


AIGA Small Business Management Certificate for Creatives

Career development has always been an important aspect of the AIGA community and webinar curriculum—now let’s take it further. Introducing new professional classes through AIGA Professional Development. These ongoing courses will provide information not typically offeredin traditional design schools, including training geared towards creatives to enhance business acumen and leadership skills.

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AIGA Professional Development

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Explore the AIGA Design POV

我们的职业,但设计不仅是必不可少的also the greater community and society. What can an organization do to foster a creative workplace for designers? We found that the top ways to create better workplaces for designers is to build culture in the workplace where people:

  • Feel valued/are respected/are heard
  • Receive fair pay/benefits
  • Are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance
  • Are presented with opportunities to grow, use existing skills/abilities, and learn new skills
  • Have a place where they feel safe to be their true selves
  • Feel empowered to make decisions

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Speakers at the AIGA Design Conference

Imagine the Future at the AIGA Design Conference

The virtual AIGA Design Conference is the biggest event of the year for creative thinkers. From intriguing mainstage presenters to in-depth symposia that allow attendees to dive deeper into topics facing our industry, we entice the community to imagine the future.

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Quick Tips

How to Brand Yourself as a Designer

Whether you're a freelance designer sourcing new clients or a recent graduate seeking a role within creative agencies/in-house departments, establishing brand identity is key to standing out as a designer. Your resume and portfolio should emulate this branding to show cohesion and confidence.⁠

Tips for new graphic designers when building their brand: ⁠

1. Study brands you admire: Who do you respect and why? ⁠
2. Treat yourself as a client: Make the time, do your research, develop your brief. ⁠
3. Start with words, not images: Specify your skills and experience.⁠
4. Determine your unique offering: What’s your impact? ⁠
5. Draft your elevator pitch: Be succinct and show your motivation. ⁠
6. Refine, refine, refine: Your brand is ever-evolving. ⁠

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